Sunday, April 13, 2008

Bush Security Adviser decries Olympics "cop-out"

National Security Adviser Stephen Hadley stated today that President Bush should attend the Beijing Olympics opening ceremonies, rather than "cop-out" in protest China's brutal suppression of the people of Tibet and their actions in Darfur.

Hadley believes in "quiet diplomacy" rather than "frontal confrontation", once again using a tried-and-true Republican tactic of coming up with an extreme example as the alternative choice to their preferred course of action. I guess a simple protest like skipping the opening ceremonies while allowing our athletes to compete is something Bush considers too "frontal".

Gee, if only the President had considered a similar tactic back in late 2002, when the international community and U.N. inspectors were pleading with Bush to hold off on the bombing and full-frontal invasion of Iraq until they were certain that the WMDs actually existed.

Funny how "frontal confrontation" varies according to each nation, depending on Bush's whims.

The fact that Bush is still considering attending the opening ceremonies is a clear signal to Beijing that the United States has no problem whatsoever with China's fascist oppression of the Tibetan people. It's a known fact that the host country for the Olympics will use the opening ceremonies as a propaganda extravaganza; there are plenty of examples of this happening.

Gee, I wonder what Hadley would had advised if he had been part of FDR's administration? Would he have encouraged the President to hop aboard a steamer for Berlin to show America's support for the powerful industrial nation of Germany? Boy, Germany in the 1930's sure was a government who LOVED "quiet diplomacy"!

I'm not saying we should bomb China (again, I'm parroting the extreme examples of the Republican mind), but we should send them non-violent messages like skipping the opening ceremonies in protest. Hadley is just another example of the Bush administration's mealy-mouthed "support" for concepts like freedom and democracy. I guess they only support freedom in nations that we can invade and occupy, thereby making uncounted billions for huge corporations.

Tibet don't have no oil.


Anonymous said...

what are your thoughts on jimmy carter saying the olympics shouldnt be boycotted?

Anonymous said...

Apr 10, 2008 ... The Dali Lama says he supports China hosting the Olympic Games, but called for calm, after protests in San Francisco, Paris, and London. ...

You just love to pick and choose your words. What a lefty

CT Bob said...

Love how the Chineerleaders all come out of the woodwork any time I post something about the Olympics.

I'm not Jimmy fucking Carter and I'm not the Dalai Lama. Jimmy Carter is an elderly old man who is given to fits of irrationality these days; and the Dalai Lama has his own reasons to do what he does. I have my own opinions on the situation.

I may be a lefty, but that's mostly because this country has gone so far right in the last 14 years that anyone who was a "middle of the road moderate" back then is considered a "dangerous lefty liberal" nowadays. I'm working to bring it back from the extreme right towards a saner and more compassionate slightly-left-of-center.

And you should have seen what I was going to post but decided to give you guys a little break. That was obviously a mistake!