Sunday, July 06, 2008

A week isn't enough

When the wind is fair and the skies clear, a week of sailing on Long Island Sound just doesn't seem long enough. This tranquil photo was shot in the cove where we woke up on Tuesday.

Like I said...a week isn't enough.

Anyways, I'm back and ready to blog (once I catch up on my emails and my laundry), and the commenting is turned back on. From what few snippets of the outside world I managed to hear, Joe Lieberman has been campaigning for McCain like a rat in heat; and while doing so he was loudly heckled at one appearance, according to CBS Radio.

The audio made me laugh.

But other than tuning in for Mets games on the AM radio, I tried my best to remain off the information grid for the duration.

It was a nice respite from the 24/7 world of information overload.


Sellitman (Kevin) said...

Welcome back Bob. One more week of work and I get a week off. Yeah! Down to AC for some sun, sand, Bikinis , suds, and a little poker. (Not in that order either.)

CT Bob said...

Thanks, Sellitman! Hope you get some of the great weather we had (except for Saturday's; not so much).

Anonymous said...

"like a rat in heat."

Brilliant!! I'm never going to be able to look at Lieberman again without thinking of that.


CT Bob said...

Thanks Chele! I gotta credit Hunter S. Thompson with that brilliant phrase, which he used to describe Hubert H. Humphrey in "Fear & Loathing on the Campaign Trail '72".

The good doctor sure knew how to craft a phrase, huh? So many of the terms he used decades ago are still appropriate in today's atmosphere of bi-partisan civility. (LOL!)

Anonymous said...

Okay -- thanks to Hunter-via-Bob for the visual of Joe frantically humping McCain's leg.

I recently read "Gonzo" -- I recommend it to all Hunter S. Thompson fans.

CT Bob said...

Which one is "Gonzo"? I know he wrote several books with the title "The Gonzo Papers". Was that the title of your book? He had I think four or so volumes of the Gonzo Papers.

"The Great Shark Hunt" is probably my favorite collection of Thompson's earlier work, before he became a weekly columnist for the S.F. Examiner. The stories about the Kentucky Derby and the America's Cup are some of my favorites.

Bob Symmes said...

Oh dear, oh dear.....the METS???????

I may just vote for Barr.......

(or maybe I'll vote for "basok" - the veri-tag I got)

CT Bob said...

hey, I was a NY Mets fan from BEFORE the miracle '69 season! I've truly earned my pinstrips with the boys after suffering through many, many awful seasons!