Saturday, March 20, 2010

If Ned Lamont owned a Toyota...

...he'd be there already!

(get it? because the accelerators stick on Toyotas!)

I'll have more on the debate later, but I put together a quick video (33 seconds) about the traffic which prevented Ned Lamont from getting to the debate until a couple minutes after it started.

This was a great opportunity for a discussion on the transportation problems in the state, but as far as I recall nobody other than Lamont brought it up. I only wish I could have heard what he had on his mind, because he was obviously a bit fired up about it!

Watch and see:

"Ask me about transportation because I'm loaded for bear on that issue!"

That's perfect! Anyone who's been caught in the awful traffic in Connecticut on a Friday night knows exactly how Ned feels!

UPDATE: Brian Lockhart has a list of observations about last night's debate. Here's his first one:
"...Ned Lamont arrived a few minutes late for the event, hosted by WVIT Channel 30, blaming traffic. All that money and Lamont still doesn’t own a hover car or a transporter. What the heck?!"
Heh heh heh...why aren't there flying cars yet, anyway?


oldswede said...

More likely, he would have zoomed right by it.

CT Bob said...

Yeah, they should equip Toyotas with an auxiliary anchor and chain, like a sailboat!