Monday, March 22, 2010

Peter Schiff in virtual hysterics over HCR passage

GOP Senate candidate Peter Schiff has joined the general wailing and gnashing of teeth that's coming from the hysterical Republican right today in the wake of the successful passage of the health care reform bill.

From an email sent by his campaign:

"Sunday, March 21, 2010, will go down in the history books as the day democracy died in America"

The day democracy died? You gotta be kiddin' me, Pete! Have you ANY concept of what Democracy even IS?

Here, let me explain it to you, as you obviously missed that week in 3rd grade American History:
Americans go to the polls every two years to vote for our Congressmen and women. The ones who get the most votes win, and then the winners go to this really big building in Washington that has a round roof.

Once they get there, they talk about issues that are important to the American people. Which is what they've been doing with health care for the last year or so. When they get to the point that they're all talked out, they take a vote on the issue.

Last night, they voted on health care reform. The bill passed by a vote of 219-212.

That is the very definition of a living and breathing "democracy", my friend.

Any questions?
The bill passed because it got more votes from people who wanted it to pass, than from the people who hate health care reform and probably wish everybody was dead except for themselves and their privileged friends.

I suspect that Peter Schiff got Karl Rove to ghostwrite his letter for him, because there's all sorts of scary phrases in it. Things like "the brink of socialism" and talking about "czars" as if we're about to install the pre-Revolutionary Russian monarchy or something!

One thing I'd bet on, and that's if the Republicans somehow were in control of the House, we'd have zero reform on the books right now. In fact, if they were in charge, the only thing you can be certain of is that we'd continue to have the 15-35% yearly increases in the cost of health care coverage.

You can bank on that!

The entire text of the email is located HERE.


Anonymous said...

Speaking of virtual hysteria: "The bill passed because it got more votes from people who wanted it to pass, than from the people who hate health care reform and probably wish everybody was dead except for themselves and their privileged friends." Who do you think is going to pay for the new health care, and who is going to profit?

You're living in a bubble if you think the American people voted for this. The representatives and senators vote on the basis of many factors, the least of which are their constituents wishes.

CT Bob said...

Jesus, the arguments from the right wingers are getting sillier by the minute!

So, what would your solution be? Do away with Congress and just appoint Rush Limbaugh as our Supreme Ruler?

Face it, the GOP lost this one despite their very best efforts to politicize what is essentially a moral issue. They did manage to water is down a bit, though, if that's any comfort.

Nopartisan said...

Outlaw tobacco and over time the healthcare crisis goes away. It IS that simple. That being said I'm glad SOMETHING was done, and we'll see as time goes by if it succeeds or fails. I don't really believe either side really knows the answer and that is the scary part.

As for Schiff, who cares? He's a fringe clueless imbecilic meglomaniac.

Anonymous said...

The Founders actually gave us a constitutional republic. We are very close to mob rule now. And many us do want health care reform. This bill isn't reform though. It just takes us a little further down the corporatist/socialist road that we've already been on. All of you economically illiterate leftists piss and moan about the corporatist structure that is our system, but it was set up during the Progressive and New Deal eras. We have simply played around the margins of that basic structure ever since. A real reform would have been a return to a free market in health care. I suspect that a primitive little mind like yours doesn't quite understand the difference between corporatism and a free market. The pharmaceutical companies and big insurance companies got behind this bill. The HMO's (creations of Congress in the early '70's mind you) were happy about it too. What might that tell someone with two active brain cells.

CT Bob said...

"...economically illiterate leftists"
"...primitive little mind like yours"
"...someone with two active brain cells"

You see? You guys aren't interested in an intelligent dialog. You just want to insult anyone who doesn't agree with you.

People who think like you are the reason health care reform failed in 1994, and the reason the new bill is watered down.

So thanks a lot, you were a big help.

Anonymous said...

If I willingly pay my federal taxes, social security, medicare, plus get taxed at the cash register and by the county for property, what good is going to be to take more money from me for yet another program? Why can't they figure out how to make due with what they have? Are they just going to syphon off the new money and feed it to the unfunded liabilities we have? Or are they just buying more votes?

Do the folks who like the government meddling with their health care infrastructure really think things will get better? Let's remember this day.

From my perspective, the fact that the gov has failed at most other social orgs: SS, Medicare, Post Office, etc. Of course they didn't fail in their eyes because they are all about job security. The arrangement between Obama, big business, and other special interests is as clear as it was with Bush.

Do the math - I bet you that you are wrong. Based on the current track record of this administration and the past one, my vote would not be to let a failing organization have more of my money when they can't even see the train wrecks of Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac coming.

People who voted for this bill are the people who don't question past results. But I'll bet if the opposite party were putting up this same bill, the left folks would be nixing it for all the same reasons the right folks are.

Now Bob, because I disagree with you are you going to call me names too? Are you going to assume that I'm a right winger? Are you going to call me racist cause I disagree? That's the general theme I see against people who disagree. And BTW, I don't fit in any of those camps, I don't have time. I'm just here typing this BS response because I'm not excited about the idea of yet another tax bill my daughter will be stuck with in 15 years.

West Haven Bob said...

The whole purpose of ANY type of insurance is to spread risk. By doing this, insurance ameliorates the costs of misfortune...and the society as a whole benefits.

By their twisted logic, these Tea Party adherents should refuse the services of their fire department (since their house isn't on fire) and police department (since they aren't the victims of criminal activity). and in doing thus, if their house does catch fire, or they have a crime committed against them, they can be on their own.

Such misguided fools! Bear in mind that our Constitution begins with the words "We, the PEOPLE", and not "I, the individual"; and I suggest they re-read Jefferson's explanation of why "governments are established" as set forth in the Declaration of Independence.

Anonymous said...

Really?! You're trying to use the founding fathers to back up your arguement?! They are probably rolling in their grave as we speak..well except for hamilton who would love this... Our founding fathers fought for a small government with specific powers given to has warped the constitution to suit their needs not the people...yes our founding fathers fought the revolution so we could be forced to buy health insurance in the future...under the commerce clause this gov cam literally justify any control it wants over you,which is obviously not what it was intended for, it was meant to keep commce regular between states so no tariffs could be imposed to hinder commerce...very's been slowly turned into what it is now..a tool for government to control every aspect of your life...if they can stop a farmer from growing wheat for his family in his OWN backyard, there is no limit to what they can do and it's a shame people go along with this...people forget what freedom really is! Does this realy feel like freedom to you?

CT Bob said...

Stop saying "this government" as if it suddenly sprung full grown out of Barack Obama's forehead during the last year!

Where the hell were you when "this government" became what it essentially is today over the last 70 or 80 years? The only complaints I ever heard from the right were them wanting to give big business more ways to screw the average citizens!