Monday, March 01, 2010

Some DTCs not allowing Alpert to speak

According to an opinion piece written by Merrick Alpert in the Hartford Courant, Alpert claims he was denied the opportunity to speak at several Democratic Town Committee meetings in the state:
"...I have been locked out of Democratic town committee meetings out of fear that the rank and file members of the party might hear my message."
Following tonight's Senate debate in Hartford with Richard Blumenthal (I'll have more tomorrow) Alpert answered questions. I brought up the Courant piece, as I'm a member of the Milford Democratic Town Committee.

As a Democrat, if this is true I find it reprehensible that any DTC would deny the opportunity for a declared Democratic candidate for national office to speak to their members. Alpert appeared at the Milford DTC recently and was welcomed even by those who are firmly in favor of Richard Blumenthal. Because our party is supposed to be big enough to hear all voices.

Tonight on the 11:00 News on WFSB-3, they mentioned the issue which I brought up. It felt good that one of my questions prompted coverage by the local news. Like I'm a real journalist that brought up a valid question or something!

Alpert answered my question below:


Authentic Connecticut Republican said...

>>...I have been locked out of Democratic town committee meetings out of fear that the rank and file members of the party might hear my message."

Glad to see your party has some nitwits too.

In a northern town, far from my own we Republicans have a town chair (only one that I know of thank heavens) who when questioned as to why Corey Brinson hadn't been allowed to come and speak, responded;
"Because he's a [pause], because he's too young.."

Got it.
Clearly we have a local town chair who should be removed; tar & feathered, banished to the isle of Elba, etc.

Dan said...

Could this be the reasoning at work at the DTC's (and elsewhere in the party):

Anti- Afghan War


Pro- Medicare for All


Anti- Obama/Reid/Pelosi


Take a hike!

lakezoarian said...

Say wha? A real journalist with a (gasp) valid question? Nah, you're nothing but a mere blogger... Why, you don't have an editor or producer or public affairs military officer or anything like that standing over you.

Nope, no credibility at all, not to mention being influential in any way shape or form.



CT Bob said...

You think I'm joking? I'm always shocked when they hand me a press pass! It's like, "jeez, they'll let anyone into these things!" LOL!

Larkspur said...

As far as I know, my DTC Chair invited Merrick Alpert to our Candidates forum but neither ne nor Blumenthal showed up.

Anonymous said...

Bristol is firmly in Blumie's column but our DTC let Alpert speak.

ctblogger said...

Merrick's charge is rather serious and IMO, I'd like to see someone ask Alpert to name the DTC's that locked him out.

CT Bob said...

Just today I heard corroborating information from a good friend who is a member of one of those DTCs. It appears to be true.

I don't know if it would necessarily help Alpert if he embarrassed individual DTC Chairmen at this point. Maybe just pointing that out will get DTC members asking, "Why hasn't he spoken here yet?" I'd imagine he'll get more mileage now.

Larkspur, I have no idea who he's tried to contact. He should probably give them all a another round of calls after last night's debate.