Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Deabte: SCOTUS funding

Ned: Don't want big corporations to have same rights in campaign donations as individuals. Dan & I have a difference in public funding, but we agree in a clean campaign. No PAC, no donations from people doing business with the state. I'll be nobody's man but yours.
Dan: I have a profound difference with SCOTUS. We do have a public financing program -- I raised $100 or less. Lamont rules are in the law -- not choice. He's written checks for $2 million. Collected money from Wall St. interests. I want to be first governor with fresh agenda. Don't owe anything to anyone.
Ned: I honored the letter and spirit of public finance. These rules don't work when both sides don't play by same rules. Issues facing CT are more important. Dan thinks most important issue is public financing -- I think biggest issue is jobs.

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