Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Debate: City education

School vouchers?
Ned: I oppose. My co-teacher pointed out the 4 students in the front of the class made the engine run. We need to keep them going. That resonated with me. Fundamental reforms to give each kid the best option at the starting line of life. G'mother teacher in Puerto Rico, I am a professor at CCSU -- if we don't assure every kid at Harding High has a chance, we'll slip.
Dan: I had learning disability. Vouchers not the way. Great teachers need to be supported, funded and brought in the process. Too top heavy in bureaucracy with too much money at the top, not enough in classroom. I instituted universal pre-K. First commission on achievement gap in the state. I am ready for this challenge.
Q: People are fed up with millions and no results.
Ned: Still no vouchers -- need teachers at the table, vouchers suck the oxygen out. Cannot afford to fail.
Dan: Senate bill 438 requires a failing school to have an advisory board that can force schools to change. 

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