Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Debate: What makes you different?

Dan: Ned would wait on funding education until a future time. I know we need to do this right away. I have done this job. I led a city for 14 years -- we did it in an afforable fashion. Not a time for on-the-job training. I have a business background -- a lawyer, I built houses. I am ready to lead on day one.
Ned: Politicians have run this state into the ditch and we now need a designated driver. Number one problem is jobs. We are dead last in jobs. I heard Dan say we can raise some taxes. We need to expand the pie, not just divvy it up differently. Not afraid to take on establishment Republicans and Democrats and challenge the way they have done things. Need someone from the outside.
Dan: Devoted my adult life to making things better. Prosecutor, gave up nights to attend meetings.

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CT Bob said...

Awesome job, Kirby! I'll jump in when I can, but I'm a bit busy doing some homework and prepping for school tomorrow (it's gonna be a 12-hour day).