Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Hollywood Bob goes to film school

This is why I've been too busy lately to post every day. Here's an article I crossposted from my filmmaking blog, At the end of this, and each new post on that blog you can click to read next article.

The Hollywood Bob blog is currently on hiatus, but you can read all about my experiences in this program on the FutureDV website.

On June 7th I began an intensive, month-long program at Quinnipiac University that aims to create a valuable work force for the burgeoning Connecticut film industry.

I arrived at the picturesque QU campus around 8:30 this morning completely jacked up on too much coffee, and registered for the program in the Law School building.

The class began soon after, with lectures by Charles Miller, who works for the state's Office For Workforce Competitiveness; and Liam O'Brien, chair of the Department of Film, Video and Interactive Media for the School of Communications.

I met several fellow students, Zach and Angelo, who are in the A.D. (Assistant Director) program, and Daniel, who like me is enrolled in the Sound Dept. program.

Then after lunch we listened to an incredibly detailed lecture and Q&A session with Danielle Rigby, who teaches the Assistant Director program and has worked on an amazing number of major motion pictures. Danielle was born in Australia and has a twinge of the ol' Aussie drawl in her speech. But she presented a ton of practical knowledge about the business of film making, and how to go about getting jobs after completing the course.

One point she brought up is that everyone who completes this course will have a very usable knowledge about the business of production, and she stated that she'd rather hire a graduate of this course than someone who comes in touting a 3-year film school degree.

It seems like I chose the right school to attend. I can't wait to see how Day 2 goes!

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