Tuesday, June 01, 2010

How I Love Rachel Maddow...

I can count the ways, but for today, she is my hero for pointing out the outrageous hypocrite we find in one Orrin Hatch. His latest? Introducing a bill in the Senate, called the "Stolen Valor Act" to punish anyone who misrepresents his military service with six months in jail.

This Act, however, exempts Republican Rep. Mark Kirk of IL, who [cough, cough] incorrectly claimed that he received "Navy Intelligence Officer of the Year." Read more about his well-choreographed dance here on Politico. "We misidentified it," he said. He also used it in campaign ads...another misidentification, I suppose.

Why doesn't Hatch come clean for a change and just call it the "Screw Dick Blumenthal Act"? What a bunch of crap.

Rachel has pointed out that not only did Kirk misstate his intelligence award, he misstated it while speaking on House business, and he claimed to be the only member of Congress who served in Operation Iraqi Freedom...only he didn't...he served in, um, Italy.

As Rachel says, IOKIYAR -- "It's okay if you are Republican."

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Anonymous said...

what the hell? six months in jail for lying? i feel like there are bigger issues senators can deal with.

Nopartisan said...

Hatchs proposal is an idiotic idea, not worthy of serious debate.

But Kirk's lie in no way lessens Blumenthals multiple "misrepresentations" and failures to correct news reports over the years that referred to him as having served in Vietnam.

It is however high comedy to watch and listen as the partisan hacks of each party try to explain away their candidates attempt to claim UNMERITED VALOR.

Anonymous said...

Rachel, you just picked up another fan! Gotta love politicians -- they are all the same no matter what side of the aisle they occupy.

Kirby said...

I'm just wondering if Hatch's co-sponsor will be Joe LIEberman.

West Haven Bob said...

Six months for lying? Geez, we'll never get a quorum in Congress!

West Haven Bob said...

As a former USAF officer (Ret), who received an (IMHO) unearned PH, I must say I found Blumenthal's explanations somewhat disingenuous and rather personally disappointing.


So what? What reason is there to vote against him? So that CT can continue to march blindly and happily over the fiscal cliff (whither we've been led by nearly 30 years of Republican Governors)?

The Republicans make the argument that government is either ineffective or an interference...but once in power they do everything to make sure their point is proven (as the Gulf Coast disaster shows, as the Wall Street disaster shows....I could continue.)

Is this the sort of leadership we want?