Thursday, June 10, 2010

Q-Poll shows Lamont maintains lead over Malloy


I was up at Quinnipiac University today, and I found the actual "Q-Pole"!

The latest Quinnipiac Poll shows Ned Lamont continuing his significant head-to-head lead over Dan Malloy; while in the Senate race Dick Blumenthal easily destroys Linda McGraphicSex&Violence.

Lamont 39/Malloy 22
Lamont maintains a 17-point advantage among Connecticut Democrats.

Malloy Fav 26/5/68
Lamont Fav 43/9/46
Lamont's favorability rating enjoys the same margin over Malloy's.

Simmons 29/McMahon 45/Schiff 13
Blumenthal 54/Simmons 33
Blumenthal 55/McMahon 35
Blumenthal 56/Schiff 29
Blumenthal easily dispatches any GOP challenger, with Linda McSteroidAbusingEmployees the closest; meaning, being beaten by ONLY twenty points.

McMahon Fav 38/35/25
Blumenthal Fav 59/29/9

Should the next senator generally support Obama policies 53/37
Suck it, teabaggers!

On the GOP side, Foley crushes Fedele 39/12
Looks like the Lt. Gov. should have become an astronaut instead, because all he does is take up space. Get it?


tessa said...

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CT Bob said...

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tessa said...

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