Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Debate: Should state take over education $

Question: Weicker suggested state pay for education to lower property taxes.
Ned: Weicker had guts -- did not kick the can down the road -- got a realistic budget. First reform -- healthcare -- 35% of state budget. Nursing care. If we had people stay home instead of nursing homes, that could save $900 million. We spend more per Medicaid beneficiary. Pay for performance, not procedure.
Dan: You asked about education. I don't think the state should do this. I am in favor of reducing property taxes regarding education funding. If we were to turn this over to state government, it would be a problem. People in Simsbury do not want decisions being made in Hartford. Citizens should be able to control their own educational processes.
Ned: I believe in local control of education. Key is first to have an honest budget. Small town and big cities in trouble with reliance on property tax.

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