Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Zoom, Zoom Indeed

No need to reinvent the blog here. Our good friend, Spazeboy, accompanied Ned on his transportation plan kickoff. Read his terrific analysis here


Authentic Connecticut Republican said...

When over 3000 delegates refused to cooperate, life-long and well respected liberals such as Pelto realize that Lamont sends independents running for their lives and is thus unelectable, you're still here pounding the drum for this spoiled rich brat who's life has yet to have any meaning.

We thank you.
God forbid Foley wins the Republican primary, if he's in the ring with fellow rich-boy Neddy we'll still have even odds.

Nopartisan said...

Who cares who the Governor is? It's time to face facts, CT's economic ship has hit an iceberg and sunk.

As long as those who "serve" in the legislature are there and not replaced, their rampant ignorance of economics will continue to throw dirt on the state of CT's economic coffin.

CT Bob said...

A.C.R., I'm sorry to hear things are going so badly for your boy Fedele. Maybe in four years he'll turn out to be more competitive than he is currently. But I doubt it. Perhaps being a useless figurehead under Rell wasn't the best way to make a splash with the voters.

Authentic Connecticut Republican said...

Mike's doing far better than Bysiewicz wouldn't you say?

CT Bob said...

Yeah, I guess you're right. I'm not sure what Bysiewicz has to do with this thread, but yeah, Fedele is technically doing better than Susan.

For the record, Fedele is also doing far better than a lot of people. But the one person he isn't doing better than is Tom Foley. Why is that again?

Authentic Connecticut Republican said...


Republicans aren't inclined to support candidates that behave in a Kennedyesque fashion.