Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Debate: Tourism

What will you do to promote tourism?
Dan: Tourism $9 BIL industry -- foolish place that spends no money to promote our state outside borders. Cape Cod, Williamsburg, Michigan advertise -- we do not. I make a commitment to attract people from inside and outside our borders. I watched this admin dismantle system -- missing revenue for state.
Ned: State is shortsighted. Tourism is a great business. Everybody go to Mystic (where questioner is from). Different strategy from now. Focus on our businesses to grow and expand. Tourism essential to our future. Need governor who believes in our state and promotes it.


Anonymous said...

The tourism and hospitality industry employees on average 110,000 Connecticut residents. While the labor numbers for this sector have seemed to remain steady, many full time jobs have been lost in favor of part time jobs. This statistic does not currently show what the true impact on the Connecticut tourism industry really is regarding the defunding of statewide marketing.

Colorado defunded tourism some years ago and it took many years to grow back the industry once the marketing money was returned. So not only is the State legislature hurting those working in the tourism industry, they are also contributing to the decrease in tax revenue that this industry creates.

The real issue is about jobs this industry provides. While those on the left of the isle project caring about working families, their actions say otherwise.

dining table said...

Tourism is one of the important thing to do to make one country recover on economic crisis.