Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Debate:What Will You Cut?

Ned: Fundamental changes that will bring down cost of govt. No nickel and dime around edges. Not more taxes, more taxpayers by getting people back to work. Specifically? DMV. Friend walked into DMV democrat, walked out a tea partier. Move services online.
Dan: Make sure we get spending under control. More than 200 state agencies -- cut by 1/3 -- cut out management, not services. Too many state employees have state cars. Reimburse for personal car use. Drug and alcohol treatment instead of incarceration. Must cut spending.

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Paul said...

Government is not a business. The operative word is Govern. The past fifteen years state government has been run by people who have had no respect for public employees. Lamont may think his story about his friend at the DMV is clever and it may get him a few votes but state employees are desperate for leadership. Jokes based on bigoted stereotypes makes me wonder if he gets that.