Thursday, December 06, 2007

Amann plans to explore run for governor

In today's Milford Mirror, local reporter Jill Dion writes that House Speaker James Amann is looking into a potential run for governor:
Amann said he expects to announce next month that he is forming an exploratory committee to study his chances of winning a gubernatorial race. He said this week that he hasn't yet made a firm decision. He plans to first discuss it some more with his wife, Terri. "I think I'm ready for it," Amann said. "I know in my heart I have good ideas for the state. I do have some unbelievable support already. I draw from Democrats, Independents and Republicans."


"We have a number of candidates in the Democratic party who people are talking about for governor; as I travel, Jim Amann's name is among the names mentioned," DiNardo said. "The name most dominant is Dick Blumenthal. There are some definite indications he will run. I do believe there is a very good chance Dick Blumenthal will be running in 2010."

Amann, however, "has as good a chance as any," DiNardo said. He has name recognition throughout the state, not just in Milford. "He's absolutely a strong name," DiNardo said. "Jim has done a lot of good things in the House. I'm sure people recognize that. He certainly has the qualifications."
It'll be interesting to see what develops here. With Blumenthal almost a lock to run at this point, we may be heading for another Democratic primary in 2010.

More as this story develops...
(h/t to Tessa and Mike for calling me with this!)


Anonymous said...

"Jim Amann: A strong name for a strong goomba."

Anonymous said...

Didn't know Amman was a democrat, thought he was a Liebermonster.

Tessa Marquis said...

When you spell "Amann" as "Amman" we know who you are...

Anonymous said...

Amann needs a Paultard Blimp!! Perhaps his overinflated head should match his campaign message.

Watch out Bloomenthal you are about to be "crushed" by one of the many "Idiots" this in this town.