Thursday, March 13, 2008

FBI using laws to spy on everyone

From the Associated Press:
Audit to cite FBI privacy abuses

AP News - Mar 13, 2008 02:32 EST

The FBI improperly obtained personal information about Americans as part of terrorism investigations in 2006, but steps were taken by the agency to prevent future privacy abuses, an upcoming Justice Department report says.

The long-anticipated audit, to be released Thursday, is expected to show a fourth consecutive year of privacy breaches by FBI agents using so-called national security letters to gain access to telephone, e-mail, and financial records of Americans and foreigners without a judge's approval.
Anyone who believes that the Patriot Act and similar surveillance laws aren't being abused to spy on innocent Americans is living in a fantasy world. who can we think of that might fall under that classification?

Let's see...maybe George W. Bush?

How about Bush the Third? Uh, I mean John Sidney McCain III?

And we can't forget Joseph Isadore Lieberman now, can we?

They all live together in their little fantasy world, where the map of the entire nation is painted red, terrorists reside under every bed, and all the Democrats in Congress meekly submit to the will of the mighty Republican executive branch.

Well, they can forget about that. Congress is finally demanding accountability. The day of reckoning is approaching. And it ain't gonna be the Rapture that George W. Bush so fervently hopes it'll be.

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