Wednesday, March 26, 2008

We won the Jim Himes Pub Quiz!

UPDATE: More photos added below!

Jim Himes and (Himes' campaign manager) Maura Keaney pictured. Tonight's pub quiz for Jim Himes was a huge success. We had enough people participating to field ten teams!

Here's the winning team, "The Nay-Shayers Starring Connecticut Bob", featuring Mike and Tessa (they deserve credit for our team's name), Jon Kantrowitz (the only other guy in the room to run against Chris Shays), Leslie, Marion (not-pictured), and of course, ME! We managed to overcome near impossible odds to snatch screaming victory from the jaws of certain defeat!

Or, maybe we just got lucky.

One of the questions asked was what is Jim's middle name. I couldn't help myself and hollered "Hussein!", and got a big laugh. I was more careful this time around not to jokingly yell out answers inadvertently to bonus questions like I did in the first pub quiz (but really, who would have thought that "Milk of Magnesia" could actually be the answer to a question?)

Tessa pictured with Jim Himes. If you know anyone who hasn't yet contributed to Jim's campaign, please let them know that even a $5 donation will be a big help, because the number of unique contributors is important in fundraising. Of course, you can continue to contribute too, but please visit Jim's revamped website and tell your friends to drop a fiver on a true Democrat before the quarter ends on March 31st.

Congressman Chris Murphy stopped by and he made some remarks to the crowd in support of Jim. Chris is a good guy, and we need to make sure he stays in Congress.

Plus, he agreed to sit for an interview with me sometime in the near future. I'm looking forward to hearing his thoughts on his first term in Congress and the issues that face us.

And yes, my name tag says, "Hello, my name is". Gotta keep promoting!

The 2nd Place team, named "Stranded in Newark". Hmmmm...I'll bet there's a funny story to go with that name.

Charles and Maura are compiling the winning scores for my team, which (in case you've forgotten) is called "The Nay-Shayers Starring Connecticut Bob"!

Jim discussing the issues with some of the less intelligent teams.

...OK, that's just mean!

The crowd goes wild after my team ("The Nay-Shayers Starring Connecticut Bob") is proclaimed the winner!

Or, they might be reacting to Jim speaking just off the left side of the image, I forget.

Many thanks are due to Charles Monaco and Maura Keaney, along with all the volunteers and contributors, who made Pub Quiz 3 an outstanding success!


Anonymous said...

hat tip!!

Bob Symmes said...

Hey Bob --

Here's a trivia question for you:

How is NPR like a NASCAR race?

CT Bob said...

Thanks muchly DemfromCT! BTW, have I ever met you?

Bob - ummm...because they're both acronyms? (I'm being Larry Literal here!)

Anonymous said...

Maybe not, ct bob. But online, I know your blog. ;-)

Bob Symmes said...

Both NPR and a NASCAR race tend to turn to the left

Bob Symmes said...

That's from a great NPR show, Wait Wait, Don't tell me....I HIGHLY recommend it. I get it on Saturdays on WNPR at 11:00 am.

It's getting me through the Bush years.

CT Bob said...

DemFromCT, cool! I hope you're not too scarce around here.

Bob, yeah NPR is great and I listen to it much too seldomly.

Sellitman (Kevin) said...

I wonder what Jim Himes thinks of Impeachment? you know?

CT Bob said...

I don't know, but if he is asked now, he'd probably say it's be too late to effectively get all the necessary procedural things done before Bush leaves the White House.

The time for impeachment was last year, when we first had the majority and a nation that was ready for it. Instead, the House voted to approve Bush's Iraq budget and approved the surge.

There's not really much point in asking about impeachment any more. That ship has sailed. But I'd be in favor of a possible criminal investigation into Bush AFTER he leaves office.

Sellitman (Kevin) said...

That sounds like what Rosa Delauro told me. I don't buy it for a second. There is a Quid Pro Quo with the Dems and the Repiggies for some strange reason and I for one will not vote for our politicians who won't protect the Constitution and just do their jobs. Rosa lost me and with her refusal to back Kucinich's HR Res. 333 and for me it is a bellwether. Get it on the books even if it takes up the rest of his term.

Bob Symmes said...

I agree that it's too late to consider impeachment, especially since we've entered the election cycle.

However, I believe we owe it to our future to commit ourselves to fullyinvestigating & laying bare the many abuses of rights and outright crimes of these bozos.

Sellitman, you'll never agree 100% w/ anyone other than yourself; voting against a candidate based on one issue is thus self-degeating.

CT Bob said...

Listen, there's nothing I'd like to see more than Bush being cross-examined in court, whether in the Senate during an impeachment trial, or in Federal criminal court after he leaves office.

If we manage to win big in November, I'm hoping to see the latter.

However, don't think for a moment that I'm not pissed off that more Dems didn't support the Kucinich proposal, especially when it was introduced last year when we had a chance of actually letting the process run it's course.

And I'm planning on asking Rosa about that the next time I talk to her.

Bob Symmes said...

Of course, Bush can pardon himself.....

CT Bob said...

Only if he burps. ;)

The few important bits of the Constitution that are still in effect I think exclude that sort of fuckery.

Sellitman (Kevin) said...

Rosa if my memory serves me correctly is a DLC'er.

Not too many DLC'ers have the backbone to side with Kucinich IMHO. In fact I think they probably funded that idiot Councilman Joe Cimperman who tried unsuccessfully to oust Dennis.

Bob Symmes said...

Bob - Article II, Section 2, clause 1 of the Constitution give the President power to grant pardons, except in impeachment cases.

Subsequent rulings have held this power to be "unfettered" and "without limit" (Biddle v. Perovich, SCOTUS, 1983).

In fact, the 2nd Federal Circuit has ruled that this power extends to the Presidential self-pardon (Sirica, 1973).

So much for constitutional protection.....

Bob Symmes said...

MY bad (typing)...Biddle was 1927. Gotta stop trying to eat while typing!

CT Bob said...

I'll concede on this, since you looked it up and I didn't...but I didn't know a Circuit Court judge had the power to rule on the Constitution. Oh well, Bush wins.

Bob Symmes said...

My turn to concede - Sirica mentioned the point only as a reference in another case. Reminds me to read everything fully.

But....If the idiot DOES do this, it's likely we'll never have to say "President Bush" EVER again...