Tuesday, March 04, 2008

We're in for months of hell

It could have ended tonight.

We could have had a de facto Democratic nominee.

Two stupid states could have stood up and ended this craziness. A big win by Obama in either Texas or Ohio tonight probably would have convinced Sen. Clinton to step aside.

But, no.

It ain't gonna happen. Not now. Not for a looonnng while.

The incredible irony about this is that 2008 was the year for us. The year when we had an absolute slam-fucking-dunk to take the White House. A sure thing. A piece o' cake. With cherries on top.

All we needed was a single candidate who was clean enough, and could string three or more words together in a cohesive sentence, and we'd be home free.

And what happens?

The Democrats managed to somehow cough up TWO candidates that have managed to split the electorate RIGHT DOWN THE GODDAMNED MIDDLE!

What this does is two-fold. First, we get another six weeks to SIX MONTHS of party infighting and sniping, which will give the Republicans ammunition for the general election; and second, it raises the likelihood of a brokered (and fractured) convention in August.

All of which will help ensure that the hand most likely to answer that stupid fucking phone at 3AM is going to be male, old, and liberally festooned with liver spots!


David Kupferman said...

I take back what I said earlier -- it looks like Guam actually matters now and the whole thing could hinge on Puerto Rico.

God bless our colonies.

CT Bob said...

Well, with the sway Hillary has with the Latino voters, I can easily guess which way that'll turn out!

Connecticut Man1 said...

This just sucks for the base of the Democratic party. For an outsider indie like myself? Just more of an opportunity to poke fun at all of them... One thing to that is obvious after last night? The skinny amounts that Hillary won by in Texas and RI only means that she has to have near impossible HUGE WINS in the rest of the states to even get close to Obama on the delegate count now. If everyone in the Democratic party knows this EXCEPT Clinton, what does that say about her judgment?

Jonathan Kantrowitz said...

It will all come down to Florida, Michigan and the super-delegates - and what a mess that will be - 1/2 the base is going to feel robbed - only the Democrats could do this to themselves.

Is Al Gore in your old male category?

CT Bob said...

No Jon, Al Gore is in the "He Should've Taken the Initiative When He Had The Chance" category. He would have been a sure favorite if he jumped in early on.