Saturday, March 08, 2008

Foster (D-IL) wins Hastert's old seat

In a special election today to fill former House Speaker Dennis Hastert's seat, who retired late last year, progressive Democrat Bill Foster stunned hand-picked Republican successor Jim Oberweis by a margin of 52%-48%.

This was in a district that is as Red as they get. Ronald Reagan was born there. Dennis Hastert served as Congressman for 20 years. John Sidney McCain took time out of his busy campaign schedule to personally endorse and appear at an Oberweis fund raiser.

Barack Obama endorsed Bill Foster and worked to see him win. There's already talk of Obama's coattails helping get Democrats elected in November. Obama also won the Wyoming caucuses today by nearly 20% over Hillary Clinton.

I think we're completely justified in indulging in a little partisan frenzy to celebrate. So here's a blast from the past, where a traitorous former Democrat defends Dennis Hastert's alleged efforts to protect suspected child molester Mark Foley.

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