Saturday, March 08, 2008

Shameful behaviour

Hillary Clinton seems determined to destroy the Democratic party's chances in November if she doesn't get the nomination. Absolutely shameful.

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Anonymous said...

I, too, am pretty amazed and disgusted by some of Hillary's antics, this coming from someone who once wholeheartedly supported her.
The photo showing Barack Obama in "TRIBAL" (yes, they said that)dress as if he's secretly a member of some fanatical turban-wearing "TRIBE" who's out to destroy us---NOT in the way that BUSH/Cheney has, mind you.NOOOOOOOOO...THAT's economic warfare against the Have-Nots, perfectly acceptable in this capitalist country.
Have you heard the stuff Halliburton has just recently done?? The spin-offs to new shadow companies in the Caymans?? The refusal to pay Billions in overdue taxes??? And this being a company so close to our heart in the US that it enjoyed a relationship with the Pentagon as if it were a Federal agency?? But that's a whole other subject...Boy! If I could somehow tie that in to the Hillary thing, I'd be quite the political writer. But it's getting late... I'm tired...
Let it suffice to say that with friends like Hillary, 1)who needs enemies? and 2)we'll probably end up with Quick-Draw McCain as our next President.