Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Times Square blogging

This is the view from my hotel room on the 35th story of a luxury high-rise on Broadway. It's a comp room as a result of a project that I'm working on at this hotel all week. Nice view, eh?

Last night I fleetingly thought of throwing myself out the window in a moment of sheer desperation, but it passed. Plus, I could only open the window about five inches because they have those Eric Clapton baby guards on them. So I wasn't really tempted.

But the frustration remains, mostly at the Democratic party. I still can't believe that we're in a situation right now which will more than likely put a wacky old geezer in charge of our nation next January.

Why the hell didn't Al Gore run, like we all hoped he would? Instead, the very best our party could cough up are two very similar conservative Democrats, both of whom possess a blood-lust for the Oval Office that would embarrass Richard Nixon. Or Hubert Humphrey even.

And it's looking like we're in for a long and brutal process that will likely alienate nearly half the Democrats out there. Not to mention probably 70% of the unaffiliated voters and 100% of any moderate Republicans who might normally be tempted into voting for a true progressive candidate. Jesus!

Hey, I just noticed the window guards are only held in place with a couple of philips-head screws. Hmmm, I think my tool bag is around here somewhere...


fuzzyturtle said...

she's in for the duration.. deal with it. If the situation were reversed, you'd be screaming how Obama has to stay in the race.

If clinton wins the nomination, you do have alternatives other than Mccain you know :

like this fellow

or you can just go ahead and jump.

CT Bob said...

I wasn't knocking Clinton in particular; I was bitching about how we can't seem to ever get a candidate we ALL feel good about! I'm lamenting the fact that this thing is gonna tear the party apart, not complaining that Hillary hasn't thrown in the towel yet.

I know I've mentioned my preference for Obama, but make no mistake about this - he is my fourth choice in this race AT BEST. Hillary is a close fifth.

Like the kids in that memorable South Park episode, we're being forced to metaphorically choose between a giant douche and a turd sandwich.

Excuse me if I'm not Jerry Lewis-spastic with delight at this prospect!

Anonymous said...

From that photo, I think I know the hotel. If I'm right, from the windows on the northeast corner of the hotel you can see the Mutual of New York "MONY" sign that inspired Tommy James and the Shondell's "Mony, Mony." A sight worth seeing before you jump.

On second thought, don't jump. The blogosphere needs CT Bob.


CT Bob said...

At the bottom center-left of the photo is the famous "Tkts" traffic island, where 7th Ave and B'way converge; and which is currently undergoing some kind of major renovation. I'm on the SE corner, and can't see to the NE because of a large sign tacked to the hotel. That's 46th crossing B'way in the middle.

Sellitman (Kevin) said...

I'd move to Canada waaaay before jumping. Actually maybe even Australia.