Monday, March 10, 2008

The Torture President

It's legal, according to the President.

George W. Bush took another step today to ensure his place in history as the Worst President Ever by vetoing a bill that would have outlawed the use of torture during interrogations.

And the guy who was actually tortured during his internment in Vietnam is joyful at the prospect. John Sidney McCain III voted against the bill when it was before the Senate. This is a man will betray any closely held personal belief or will align himself with anyone who can help him in his raw ambition for the Oval Office.

The news of the veto is loudly echoing around the world, further damaging our nation's standing.

The UK Guardian: Bush vetoes move to ban water torture
International Herald Tribune: Bush's veto of bill on CIA tactics affirms his legacy
CTV Canada: Bush to veto bill banning harsh interrogations
Melbourne Herald Sun, Australia Bush vetoes Bill to ban torture tactics
Xinhua, China: Bush thumbs down bill banning CIA from waterboarding terrorists

Jesus. Did you ever think fucking China would be in a position to lecture us on the use of torture? OK, maybe they're not actually lecturing us, but the fact that we made their news because of our barbaric leader's decision really annoys me.

Suddenly China doesn't have to defend their policies in Tibet anymore. All they need to do is point to US, and they're off the hook.

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