Friday, March 07, 2008

McCain gets testy

I know, what a surprise.

Here's a cute little video of John Sidney McCain the Third being interviewed on an airliner recently, and he gets a bit miffed at the line of questioning from a NY Times reporter.

Apparently, John Sidney didn't like being asked about John Kerry's supposed overtures to him about taking the VP slot on a bipartisan ticket back in 2004. Which would have won, and made history, and I would have been thrilled to get Bush out of the White House even if we had to put a warmongering conservative in as Vice President.

Because I wasn't worried about him outliving John Kerry. The guy was already pushing up against the median life expectancy tables back then. He's only surpassed in everyone's death pool by Mike Wallace, Hugh Hefner, and Studs Terkel.

I guess John Sidney was worried that if he directly answered the question he might somehow be trapped. I've seen that look in a candidate's eyes when they hate the questions I'm asking. Soon the look turns into pure hatred for me. When a public figure gets pissed off while he's talking and you're holding a video camera, it's a huge rush. The reporter flippantly asked, at one point after being angrily rebuffed by the candidate, "why are you so angry?"

I had to laugh. Having been there myself, I totally understood what she was feeling.


Anonymous said...

THIS is the best the Republicans can do??? A presidential candidate commonly known to be a "HOT-HEAD"??? A man who ADMITS he's got quite a temper???

This would be HILARIOUS (no pun intended)if it weren't so incredibly SCARY!!!

CT Bob said...

That's what we've got to hit him with during the general election. He's an unstable, angry, uncontrollable hot-head! Let's "Dean Scream" the motherfucker!

(so much for it considered bad taste to refer to a presidential candidate as a "motherfucker"?)