Sunday, March 09, 2008

The myth of Hillary's Texas "win"

The famous "Texas Two-step" has another twist in store.

To refresh your memory, Texas held a Democratic primary which Hillary won by a 51% to 48% margin, splitting 2/3 of the total delegates with Barack 65 to 61, a net gain of 4 delegates for Hill.

But the second step is a caucus, which will decide 1/3, or 67 of the delegates. Currently the count stands at Barack with 56% to Hillary's 44% with only 41% of the vote reported.

What is the big delay with the results here? Well, apparently Texas set up their caucus system reporting with a 72-hour deadline, or by Friday night. I'm guessing they're also taking the weekend off, so we probably won't see final results until Monday at the earliest.

Based on the caucus voting trends, we'll probably see Barack win with about a 37-30 delegate edge. This will effectively give Obama the "win" in Texas, with a total of 98 to 95 delegates.

However, the long delay in reporting these results enables Hillary to endlessly squawk about her "major victory" in Texas. When in fact, it looks as if Obama will benefit from the state.

The MSM hasn't picked up on this at all, and simply repeats the Clinton campaign propaganda that she "won" the state. Obviously, the media's "love affair" with Obama is over, and it's going to be a knock-down fight from here on in.

Steve-AR from FireDogLake supplied this excellent link to the Texas caucus results.


Sellitman (Kevin) said...

He looks good in Mississippi too. I wonder if she will drag this out until the end?

CT Bob said...

I think we can safely assume this is gonna go all the way until the convention. We can only hope they manage to avoid going too negative on each other.