Thursday, March 13, 2008

Hillary plagarized McCain video

OK, can we FINALLY put all the talk about Obama borrowing text for his speeches from his own supporters to rest?

Hillary Clinton's famous "3AM" ad was obviously inspired by an amateur McCain ad that was posted on Youtube back in early January.

You decide if this is plagiarism.

Let's face it. The Internet has established an environment where it's simply too easy to harvest ideas and concepts. There is almost NOTHING original being done anymore.

We should probably just assume that everything new is based on something already out there, and chalk it up as a by product of modern cyberspace. This post is recycled from a comment by Nonie3234 on Daily Kos, for instance.

The best we can hope for is that people give credit where it's due and move on. I try to credit when possible, but I'll admit to the occasional lapse due to time constraints or just plain mistakes.

But at least I try.

BTW, my version of Hillary's 3AM ad (which I freely plagiarized from her ad, but I did credit it) has over 24,000 hits, and has moved into 4th place out of 155 videos on my Youtube page. It recently overtook the "Joe & George: A Love Story" and "Lieberman On Hastert" videos, and is approaching the "Richard Goodstein speaks his mind" and the "Elizabeth Kucinich Interview" videos.

However, with over 58,000 hits, the "Barbara Boxer & Joe Lieberman" video is probably safe at #1 for the time being.

Meanwhile, a video of Chris Crocker crying hysterically about Britney gets 17,000,000 hits!


And finally, a CNN report from a while back on Phil de Vellis's "1984" ad mentioned the similarity between his video and mine. While I wouldn't be surprised if Phil had seen my video before making his, I don't think it really matters. His version of it was a lot better than mine, and I make no claim on the concept, which I got from someone on (was it Scarce? I forget...I'm fairly certain I credited whomever at the time)

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