Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Rick Noriega gets Progressive Patriot nod

From the campaign website:
Houston, TX -- U.S. Senate candidate Lt. Col. Rick Noriega today expressed his gratitude to the thousands of Americans who participated in the nomination and selection process of the Progressive Patriots' Fund, a process that led to Noriega's selection as 2008's first "Progressive Patriot."

Said Noriega, "We're running hard in every county in Texas, to hold Senator Cornyn accountable for his failure to take on our health care and energy crises, his support for the economic policies that are leading us to economic disaster, and his failure to demand a responsible plan to get us out of Iraq. And people are responding."

"Grassroots Democrats from across the nation had a number of excellent Senate candidates to choose from, and I'm grateful they selected me as the first Progressive Patriot of 2008. I'm also grateful for the support of the Texas grassroots, who I know helped make this endorsement possible. While no one is going to agree with me on every issue, I intend to honor their support by fighting every day for the families in Texas and across America who are being left out by Mr. Cornyn's special interest agenda. I will continue the momentum of change and accountability in Washington over the next eight months on the campaign trail, and as Texas' next U.S. Senator."
Rick Noriega served our nation honorably in Afghanistan for a 14-month deployment, and returned to help coordinate Hurricane Katrina relief efforts. He has emerged as the one Democrat who can defeat conservative Sen. John Cornyn, especially in this year when a huge Democratic turnout is expected in Texas (as shown by the primary earlier this month).

Please visit http://www.ricknoriega.com/ to learn more and to support a true progressive candidate.

(h/t to Tessa)

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