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Did Dick Blumenthal lie to me? (UPDATE: No!)

UPDATE 01/07/10: Now that Dick Blumenthal has announced he's running for Senate, I know a lot of people are going to Google his name. Right now this post runs very high on the list of search results, so I want to make it very clear that after I wrote this article more facts came out that proved the AG didn't speak falsely about this situation. I posted a correction HERE, so feel free to read it for all the facts.


Around 10:00 tonight I watched the Keith Olbermann clip below of tonight's "Worst Person in the World" segment from his show. In it, he mentioned how the FBI sent an email out, presumably to Connecticut Attorney General Richard Blumenthal, regarding their conclusion of the hacking investigation.

When Olbermann mentioned the date of the email, I suddenly felt queasy. Keith mentioned that the email was sent out on October 25th, 2006, about a week before the general election. The only reason it finally saw the light of day was because of an FOI request, otherwise it may have never been revealed.

The reason I felt queasy was because I remembered an interview I did with Blumenthal four days later (October 29th) but still before the election, at a fund raiser for Dave Mooney in Stratford. This is when news of the FBI's findings may have still made a difference.

In the interview, Blumenthal said there were no definite conclusions to the investigation and that it was ongoing.

Either he wasn't CC'ed, or he doesn't read his emails from the FBI, or he may have been holding back information from the public. I don't know which.

I only know that I am now feeling a bit misled by his words on that night.

"As yet, we've reached no conclusions."
- Dick Blumenthal, October 29, 2006

Until I hear a good explanation from the Attorney General, I'm going to assume that he had the information before the election and chose not to release it to the public for political reasons.

I'll leave it to Dick to prove me wrong.


Shamrock said...

Having read your interview with the AG, as well as several other news stories swirling around at the time, I agree that it is now up to Blumenthal to explain how this information was not made public. Regardless, it is a major disappointment that the AG has had this information since October '06 and not only withheld it for the November election, but continued to withhold it from the public since then.

And what of the FBI? What is their excuse for not making the information public? Lieberman's campaign gained an unfair advantage based on false charge which most likely did effect the choice of many voters. Releasing the results of the investigation would have obviously leveled the playing field for Lamont so it has to be assumed that the FBI did not want that to happen.

fuzzyturtle said...

Did Dick Blumenthal lie to me?

it sounds like yes.

Unfortunately for all involved.. this does not change the fact that Lieberman won the election by a wide margin and there's not much that can realistically be done except find a candidate who FOCUSES ON A COUPLE OF ISSUES not just the war. A one trick pony does not a successful candidate make, even if it's a very impressive trick.

MIKE said...

Although I am not surprised by this turn of events, I am nevertheless outraged. Your very accurate reporting since your blogging career has blossomed and YOUR accuracy is beyond reproach. That said, I believe that there should be an investigation into this situation. BUT, who does the investigating under these circumstances?

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Anonymous said...

When will you be able to interview him again? I would assume this question would be at the top of your list of things to ask, no? Don't let this story die

vagabondblogger said...

I see you made it to the Daily Kos, with Kos himself quoting you and your blog on this one. Pretty damn interesting stuff.

Anonymous said...

"When will you be able to interview him again?"

About 5 minutes after you can assure him there will be TV coverage on all the major networks that night.

Our TV's don't need a V chip they need a Blumenthal chip!!

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