Thursday, April 15, 2010

East Boothbay, ME

Some photos from this morning.

A bit of the coastline, down the road from my niece's house:

One of my niece's neighbors, in what locals call the Mushroom House:

They've been replacing a water main down the main thoroughfare for months now. The road wasn't all that great to begin with, but now it's like a mine field:

A resident of East Boothbay apparently chose to express his dissatisfaction with the endless construction:

And they abbreviate Maine "ME", so of course...


Anonymous said...

Wouldn't you know it. Major announcement from Stormy Daniels today and you're off on vacation.

Is Kirby watching the wire services at CT Bob world headquarters?

Nopartisan said...

Since when did Maine get paved roads and running water?

CT Bob said...

I know, I missed a great opportunity to gain a ton of hits from Google by not writing about Stormy Daniels.

And they pave the roads for the tourists up here.

Kate said...

awesome pictures Bob...continue to have a great time and see you soon.

vagabondblogger said...

Great shots. Looks like an interesting town. Love the Mushroom House, too.