Wednesday, April 07, 2010


Congrats to the UConn women's basketball team, capping a second consecutive perfect season to win the NCAA National Championship. That brings their amazing unbeaten streak to 78 in a row.

Which isn't to say they didn't make it exciting! Following a dismal first half the Huskies trailed by 8 points, but both teams obviously exhibited nerves and shot well below their season average. Which was lucky for UConn.

After the 20-12 score at the intermission, the Huskies offense woke up and scored regularly on the Stanford women, ending in a 53-47 victory. It wasn't the most elegant game of the year, but it was definitely their biggest!

Way to go, ladies!

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Anonymous said...

Man -

For about 20 minutes, I could swear they were doing a New England Patriots on us (a Pats fan, I never really recovered from THAT "perfect season"... )

But no - the promise was fulfilled!