Sunday, April 11, 2010

Time capsule

Tomorrow night is the Jefferson Jackson Bailey Dinner in Hartford, the annual State Democratic Party fundraiser and dinner. This will the the fourth year in a row I've attended as a journalist/blogger. The keynote speaker this year is Virginia Sen. Mark Warner.

I was looking back through all my old videos of the event, and found this little Easter egg from 2007 called "Impressions of the JJB Dinner". It's striking to see how much has changed in the intervening three years. Sen. Chris Dodd went from a presidential contender to a soon-to-be-retired politician. The overwhelming issue of the day was the war, not the economy or jobs. Healthcare was addressed, but not to the degree it's been discussed over the last year or so.

There's no question the political landscape is very different today. It'll be interesting to see the changes and how the party will cope with the latest issues facing us.

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