Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Can we finally drop the race issue?

So far during this primary season, nearly every news story about the elections mentions the race issue in regard to Barack Obama.

Here's an example from CNN.com:
"Maryland, Virginia and especially the District of Columbia have a large percentage of African-American voters, as well as affluent and highly educated white voters -- two demographics exit polls show Obama has done well with before."
Every time race is mentioned in a news story, it helps strengthen the meme that race is the overriding factor in Obama's victories.

Yet, how does that even come close to explaining his substantial margins in many traditionally "white bread" states?

Maine, which has a white population of 97.81% (http://www.census.gov) chose Barack over Hillary by a margin of 19% in their caucuses.

Iowa, another hotbed of Black Panther recruitment, has a black population of only 2.5%, gave Obama 38% to Edwards' 30% and Clinton's 29%.

Utah, which goes by the unofficial nickname of "the Chocolate State", has a booming black population of 1.32% Yet, Obama won their primary by nearly 20% over Clinton.

I think the time is upon us to finally drop this "race issue" as a major component to nearly every news story written by the MSM. It's obvious that Barack Obama appeals to a wide variety of voters, not just those of us who aren't melaninally challenged.

Ah, who am I kidding? Race will continue to be prominently mentioned in the MSM reportage until probably well into Obama's second term. We had all better come to grips with that fact.


Unknown said...

Unfortunately race and gender issues are always there whether we like it or not. Based on Obama's example that you have sited, it seems that American voter's are not ready for a FEMALE PRESIDENT. It is so unfortunate that the country that boasts of being most advanced country in the world is still biased against their female. This year was the best chance for American's to prove the whole world that they really are country by thoughts and deeds and they do not differentiate people based on the GENDER.

My question is HOW MANY TIMES IS IT GOING TO BE POSSIBLE THAT AN EX-FIRST LADY IS GOING TO BE A PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE? Com'on America...what are you all waiting for....she is smart, intelligent, experienced and above all she is a female.......VOTE FOR HER.

Anonymous said...

I agree. Clinton states that she will not do well in Maryland because of the black vote. But the last time I checked African Americans made up 29% of the population in MD and Whites 63% (census 2006) Billary CLinton is doing a GREAT job of letting us forget basic math and labeling Obama as the Black candidate.

Penny MD

Anonymous said...

ACT Now!!! Open YOUR Eyes & Mind

HILLARY brings EXPERIENCE to deal with our Declining Economy.

She brings CHANGE to change politics & Change Health care.

Obama is a great talker, but that's not going to fix our ECONOMY or Health crisis.

Hillary's knows how to fix problems


Anonymous said...


A lot.

I wonder when a woman who's not attached to a powerful man will be considered a viable presidential choice?

I'd love to see Barbara Boxer make a run for president -- she'd probably be in the top 2-3 candidates I could even imagine... Patty Murray or Debbie Stabenow would be pretty good choices as well.

Clinton is... well, I guess I compare her to Kucinich, in that Dennis wants to change the world, but has neither the patience or the talent or the intellect to make it happen. Hillary Clinton has enough of these skills that she could be the rare, truly transformative politician -- but time and experience has shown that she simply doesn't have the inclination to change the world. That's a shame, because while she could be a JFK or FDR, she seems determined to be another Kerry.

Anonymous said...

And, of course, being wrong on the war is a deficit that is (rightly) quite difficult to overcome. I knew better, half the Dems in the Senate knew better, and I bet the Hillary commenters in this thread knew better too.

I'd certainly support her over McCain, but I don't relish another campaign where we have to pretend the war wasn't the greatest error in judgement for decades.

Anonymous said...

Obama is trying to act like MLK. We need change, we people etc. Sorry Obama there was only one MLK. Then Obama is Muslim, will he try to say in Alah we trust instead of in God we trust? Then his church, you must be black to join? Who is being Racist now? Seems the blacks are voting Obama even if they arnt Democrat and the Whites are for anyone white. Seems America is still racist. I do not agree with Obama and Im not voting for him, There was only one Martin Luther King and its not Obama. He hates War, dont we all? But to just sit while the USA is attacked because you hate war, that is crazy Obama.
Americans, We better start learning other languages if Obama wins.
Again my opinions only.

Anonymous said...

What do we know about Obama? NOTHING.... and that is his only appeal...

Actions always speak louder than words.. and we have not seen any action.

CT Bob said...

Folks, the article I wrote examines the way the media deals with the African-American vote in relation to Barack Obama. It's not really appropriate to cheer for your candidate here or criticize your candidate's opponent. I'd appreciate it greatly if we could discuss the topic at hand. Pretty please?

Thanks for understanding.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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tyrone said...
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CT Bob said...

Somebody is behaving like an ass, so I deleted their comments.

I politely asked you to be nice, so now you can go fuck yourself.

Anonymous said...

obama? i thought bill clinton was the black candidate.

but seriously, very good post bob. if maine, utah, and iowa went to obama, it means they dont care about race, which means no one else should. obamas probably gotten used to this crap though.

Anonymous said...

Hillary found out not only blacks yank their support for her but also her fellow whites. Would she take it personally? Democrats are only one vote from becoming a minority in the Senate and she could be the one.

CT Bob said...

Don't worry about Hillary. The Dems are going to pick up at least 5 seats, and possibly as many as 8 in the Senate in the '08 elections. We'll be long past the point where a single disgruntled senator will be a problem. And Lieberman will finally be shown the door.

Anonymous said...

I find this election fascinating since the media has managed to present us with marginalized parties to vote for: Gender, Race and Religion. Having said that, I find it interesting with the breakdown numbers of exit polling. It is clear that although
the country has moved massively in dealing with the issue of gender, religion and race, it is now very obvious that it is not the case with the Afro-American sector
of our society (This might be viewed or now labeled as reversed racism).
This block of voters in society are slowly by such massive block voting (80%+), are indicating that this is potentially a Race issue in regards to finding the candidate to be the leader of the free world as oppose to what might be best choice.
It is a sad commentary.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous, please get your facts straight before you go posting on issues that you clearly know nothing about. Senator Obama IS NOT Muslim and does not attend an all black church. Ignorant, ill-educated people like yourself are the ones spreading these rumors and fortunately, the American people are bright enough to see through them (as evidenced by the polls) YES WE CAN!! OBAMA 08

distortitmore said...

You think that this race isn't affected by gender!! Watch the newsMEN on CNN, MSNBC, FAUX practically wet themselves when they see a potential Barack win in a state primary/causus. And have any of you Barry fans ever played with the idea that the only reason you like this candidate is the sound of his name. Try his words coming out of someone like....Barry Smith...the inspirational Barry Smith...not quite as appealing is it.

CT Bob said...

You know what?

I think it's an amazing coincidence that "Tyrone" and "Distortitmore" are Blogger users who just created their accounts today.

I also think that sock puppetry is the last refuge of desperate people who seek attention. Grow the fuck up.

Anonymous said...

Armegeddon - CTBob no doubt deleted your comments because you are writing racist and untrue statements.

I suggest educating yourself. Read Obama's autobiography, "Dreams from my Father." Yes, Obama's father was Muslim, but he barely had any contact with his father. Get your facts straight.

As for your "Arabs attacked America" - yes, the members of Al-Qaeda who attacked America were Arab - but in your simplistic analysis you have come to the conclusion Arab=terrorist=bad. Racist.

I wonder if you were so outspoken in the 80's when Donald Rumsfeld was shaking hands with his ally, Saddam Hussein and offering him US assistance.

Somehow I doubt it.

Anonymous said...
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CT Bob said...

How about you find a conservative blog that allows anonymous commenting, and go be an asshole over there?

Oh yeah, there aren't any.

Anonymous said...

Dear Saramerica,
If you have noting against Muslims or Arabs, why do you justify Obama’s background, trying to convince us that he is not Muslim ?
I am not racist, I am just a European who tries to warn you Americans from getting in the future what Europe has already gotten. It is you who may need to read more about Obama’s background. You obviously do not understand what is the meaning of having a Muslim father. Once Muslim, always Muslim.
Obama is dangerous. He may symbolize the beginning of a dark age in America. You just have to embrace his political views, open your borders, destroy your army (he does not believe in having a strong Army for your country), and lets see what you will get in a few years from now. Don’t do this mistake. Learn from Europe who has lost her future.
Europe had opened her borders to many Muslim immigrants and now Europe is changed forever. I had suffered from Radical Muslim neighbors for years.
This is not about racism. This is about real danger. You are obviously blinded by your political correctness and that is why you fail to correctly predict the future. Radical Muslims in foreign countries are very humble, until they get some power. Then they become most racist and discriminative toward other religions. Wherever there is a large Muslim (mostly Arab) population, there are wars, riots, suicide bombing etc.
The architects of September 11 (Al-Qaeda) are Arabs. Hezbollah who killed 200 Americans in Beirut are also Arabs. In Europe (and all over the Middle East), Arabs exploded buses, trains, restaurants and hospitals. These were not Al-Qaeda but a variety of other miserable murderous organizations. The vast majority of Muslims, worldwide had failed to condemn all these attacks.
No Arab country has democracy. In fact, Democracy is a menace to them. Obama is a sign for America’s decay.
But hey, that’s me, it is my opinion (based on what I have seen so far when living in a different continent…..).
Elect Obama and we’ll see….
Have a nice day,

CT Bob said...

Fuck off.

Anonymous said...

so obama is a radical islamist AND belongs to a christian, all black church?

Anonymous said...

I just wanted to thank CT Bob for writing up this englightening article. Also, kudos for telling off some of the more ignorant/hateful people. Personally, I'm all for peace and equality.

May the best candidate win.

CT Bob said...

Another stupid comment has been deleted forever.

I won't allow you to lie and slander people with your racist rhetoric, buddy.

Use your First Amendment rights and start your own fucking blog so you can spew your ignorant racist bullshit on your own time. I don't have any patience for your ignorance, and I'm not going to let you use my blog to spread your hatred.

Oh, and if I didn't mention this before, please fuck off.

Anonymous said...
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