Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Connecticut returns thread (live blog)

Well, sort of live. Anyway, I'll update this as results come in. Updates every few minutes until it's over.

11:10 - Well, I'm gonna call it a night. I was up at 4:30 this morning because I was too excited to sleep, then I had to go to Manhattan today for work, and got home just in time to watch the results coming in. With nearly 90% of the vote counted, Barack Obama will win the state by a margin of 51-47%. I'll wake up early again tomorrow so I can find out how California goes. But I'm exhausted and going to bed now. G'night!

11:04 - Looking at some of the town-by-town results, I'm seeing some surprises. The big cities pretty much are Obama territory. I expected that. But to see Obama win decisively in such ethnically non-diverse towns like Easton (54-44%), Farmington (52-48%), Litchfield (58-40%), and Ridgefield (56-43%) shows that Barack appeals to a large spectrum of voters.
85% reporting
Obama - 151,181 51%
Clinton - 140,142 47%

10:48 - Ah, results for Milford just came in. My stupid Liebercratic town voted 57-41% Clinton. I should have known. Nancy DiNardo loves this town. So does Lieberman, for that matter. Enough to endorse the Republican mayor last year. Dipshit. Just once I'd like to see our town vote for something other than the safe, predictable, party-machine candidate. What a bunch a sissies.
82% reporting
Obama - 144,572 51%
Clinton - 135,547 47%

10:41 - It's gonna be interesting to see the delegate counts tomorrow. I'm too tired to watch all night to find out.
81% reporting
Obama - 142,609 50%
Clinton - 134,086 47%

10:35 - Still waiting on Milford.
76% reporting
Obama - 134,967 50%
Clinton - 127,229 48%

10:29 - Interesting trend in Democratic voting. Women voted roughly 60-40% over men, and they obviously were the difference in choosing Obama. Wow.
73% reporting
Obama - 129,668 50%
Clinton - 122,691 48%

10:22 - CNN just called it for Obama in Connecticut. Ha! Beat 'em!

10:17 - OK, I'm officially calling this race for Barack Obama. Sorry, but I just can't wait anymore. Plus, this means I've scooped CNN. Those hacks.

69% reporting
Obama - 122,691 50%
Clinton - 115,545 47%

10:12 - If this trend continues, I'll bet we'll see CNN call it for Obama. But right now it's still too close.
66% reporting
Obama - 116,135 50%
Clinton - 109,135 47%

10:05 - Towns are starting to fill in. Obama's lead in CT is increasing.
61% reporting
Obama - 108,568 51%
Clinton - 101,467 47%

10:01 - It's very close still. Milford hasn't reported yet. I'd love to see us carry this for Obama
57 % reporting
Obama - 100,118 50%
Clinton - 94,279 47%

9:52 - Keep in mind that Democratic Primary states aren't "All or Nothing" like the Republican primaries. Dems award delegates based on counties won. So a close primary will basically split the delegates. But bragging rights and fund raising are determined by the winner. So I'd like to see Barack prevail here in the Nutmeg State.
52% reporting
Obama - 93,786
Clinton - 87,854

9:45 - McCain declared the winner 2 seconds after the polls closed. Good, that was easy.
48% reported
Obama - 83,658
Clinton - 79,087

Clinton won Massachusetts

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