Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Connecticut Bob loans his blog $5

PRESS RELEASE: The progressive blog "Connecticut Bob" loaned itself five dollars today, an official spokesman revealed.

"I'm short on funds for much needed video supplies, so I'm loaning myself the money," said Connecticut Bob at a press conference this afternoon. He claimed that other local blogs are having more success at fund raising, and in order to remain competitive he needed to make the loan to himself.

When asked about the terms, Connecticut Bob gave the details.

"I'll give myself four weeks to pay it back, with a vig of $1.25 a week. And I better come up with the money on time, or else I may be forced to break my legs."


Anonymous said...


You should have taken action from over eager Patriots fans in the office. It worked for me.

Pay up suckers!

CT Bob said...

Oh, that is really brutal! Making them leave you your money on a miniature Giants football field! (I love it!)

I would have bet the house that Big Blue would bet the spread if I found anyone dumb enough to wager on it. Can you imagine the odds you'd get for an outright WIN?

Poor Boston fans...this basically erased the 2004 American League Championship, and put them right back in Bruckner territory. How awful is that for them?

Anonymous said...

Bob, you're hilarious.

(That's all.)

Anonymous said...

Are you also asking yourself to "voluntarily" go without pay this month?

Anonymous said...

It's good that you made full disclosure. Or did you? Was it more like SIX dollars???

CT Bob said...

You'll have to wait for my financial disclosure that's due at the end of this quarter. So you won't know until sometime in April.

By then, I'll probably have spent most of the five dollars. ;)

Anonymous said...

It's the ridiculous cost of driving to Fairfield to document truly boring Republican rallies. From now on go partisan and only travel to Liberal Sock Hops.

(We sooooo have got to get a bloggers electric car, man!)

Picky Eater said...

I don't think you even need to file an FEC report about this, since it's just petty cash.

I hear you can do just about anything you want with petty cash as long as it doesn't go over some $387,000 limit or something.

CT Bob said...

Oh, if I only had Lieberman's petty cash!

It wouldn't be so petty to ME!

Anonymous said...

Too funny.