Saturday, February 02, 2008

Barack Obama in CT

Vagabondblogger, an expat living over in Egypt, is a Volkswagen buff. And a Democrat. So she voted this week. Read her blog to see who she voted for.

Obama, Kennedy To Rally at Civic Center
(via Capitol Watch:)

The Barack Obama campaign has settled on the Hartford Civic Center (which is now formally known by a clothing size, the XL Center) for Obama's rally Monday.

Obama will be joined by Sen. Ted Kennedy.

Doors open at 3:30 p.m. The program is to start at 5:30 p.m.

The event is open to the public. For information, check the campaign's local web site,, or call 860-729-4632. Nothing is up on the site yet, but I'm told they will be posting details.

We will have more details as we get them.

Still no details on Hillary Rodham Clinton's visit Monday, other than it won't be in Hartford.
-- Mark Pazniokas


Help get out the vote for Obama!

UPDATE via Tessa: Local in Milford, West Haven, and Stratford - Volunteers are canvassing Sat 2/2, Sun 2/3, and Tuesday 2/5 - Lit drops on Monday 2/4. Contact Stephanie 803-378-6223 Lots of fun, very high energy.

Elsewhere, contact Obama'08 in Connecticut at 860-729-4632 if you can spare a few hours any time leading up to the close of polls on Tuesday evening. If you can lend a hand phone banking, or meeting and greeting the voters while canvassing, or if you have a car and want to help people get to the polling places, call that number and let them know (I called earlier today and spoke to a nice young lady named Katie, who was very helpful in my quest for media credentials).


vagabondblogger said...

Thanks for the plug Bob. Overseas voters can vote with Democrats Abroad as well. There's not one here in Cairo though. As an ex-member who tried to organize one in oil and Texan rich Baku, Azerbaijan - I ain't going there again! (Reaction at the announcement=blank stares of horror.)

Also, I have heard that volunteers are needed in my neck of the woods around Suffield and Enfield. I understand from the kinder, that my house is being offered up as a phone bank (not party central-let's get that straight). Anyone interested can call the Obama campaign headquarters for more information.

I love that video!

CT Bob said...

Yesterday I got media access to the McCain rally at SHU. Today is the big Obama rally in Hartford. I'm hoping to get space on the media riser to tape the show.

This is a very exciting time to be in the Nutmeg State, that's fer sure!

Anonymous said...

Bob: I live in Fairfield County CT & phoned 860-729-4632 # that is posted several times on this blog & an woman tells me she just rec'd a cell for her b-day & has rec'd numerous phone calls (costing her $$) looking for Ombama info.

She noted she doesn't have a computer or know much about them so I offered to see what I might do to have you remove her CELL # again 860-729-4632 from this site.

If you do remove it - please remove it in the # of spots on the blog - and not just in one or two spots or that won't help her.

Also, the other # noted w/the 203- area code is a NO LONGER IN SERVICE # Thanks for the help !!!