Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Nine in a row

Barack Obama wins in Wisconsin.

Hawaii results won't start coming in until after 1AM ET, so don't look here for them. I gotta go to work early tomorrow.

(UPDATE: Ten in a row! Hawaii goes for Barack by a huge margin.)

But really, is there ANY way that Barack WON'T win the state where he was born?

UPDATE: My prediction from yesterday is Obama 57% Clinton 42%. Check that against the final numbers tomorrow. I'm gonna be real close.

UPPERDATE: 5:50AM - Obama 58% Clinton 41%. I'm good! Plus, Obama easily took Hawaii by a 3 to 1 margin. Obama's net gain of delegates will be roughly 20 for the day. Big debate Thursday night in Texas, look for Mrs. Clinton to kick out the stops trying to trip up Obama.


Anonymous said...

Nice call.
For a real boost, compare the vote totals for Obama and McCain in Wisconsin. Obama tallies almost three times the number for McCain.

CT Bob said...

That's true, but it's been argued the reason is that the Republican race is already moot (there's NO way Huckabee can stop McCain from reaching the magic number), while the Democratic race is neck and neck. Voters like to be involved in an election where their vote might count, so they naturally will vote in a close contest.

However, I think that accounts for only some of the votes. I feel a majority of voters really WANT change, so they get more involved in the Democratic race.