Monday, February 18, 2008

Last dance before March 4th

Tomorrow brings the final February primaries.

First, both Republicans and Democrats are battling it out in the "Cheesehead state".

I predict a huge victory for Barack Obama in Wisconsin, based solely on the fact that Hillary Clinton's football team (the NY Giants) knocked out the Green Bay Packers in the NFC Championship game just about a month ago, thereby preventing their native sons from competing in the Super Bowl two weeks ago.

Those cheese-eating knuckleheads are still hurting from that devastating loss, and they'll take it out on the nearest target tomorrow. Hillary Clinton.

Hey, I never claimed that my uncanny prediction successes are the result of anything other than dumb, uninformed luck!

Obama 57% Clinton 42%

As far as the Republican race goes...really, does anyone still give a shit? Take McCain and give up to 24 points. Bet heavily.

Hawaii also holds their Democratic caucuses tomorrow. Obama does pretty well in caucuses. I see him getting at least 60% of the vote in the Pineapple State. I'm assuming it's called the "Pineapple State" because they got a lot of pineapples. It might also be called the "Aloha State", because that's where "Hawaii Five-0" was supposed to take place, and NOBODY messes with Jack Lord.

After tomorrow's contest, we have the big March 4th contests, with Texas and Ohio, along with Vermont and Rhode Island in play. It will be a huge battle, with two full weeks for our Democratic candidates to try to murder each other.



Connecticut Man1 said...

Your reasoning on picking a winner is as good as any of the other pundits I have seen so far.

As a side note and as per your comment over at my Blog: I do photoshop. Others do cartoons and photos. I just mash them together. :) But thanks for the compliment!

Anonymous said...

Hawaii should go for Obama. He is a native son. Born there, ya know.

CT Bob said...

Ah, good point. That fact slipped my mind because I was so fixated on using the "Hawaii Five-0" theme.

BTW, that show rocked!