Monday, February 04, 2008

McCain rally highlights

Rep. Chris Shays and Sen. Joe Lieberman were among the largely older white male crowd who shared the stage with Sen. John McCain during the rally at Sacred Heart University on Sunday.

At some point I'll post some more clips, such as Chris Shays grabbing the mic out of someone's hand when he wanted to hog the emcee duties, but I ran out of time. There was an exhilarating professional football contest tonight where the Giants of New York took on the Patriots of New England and triumphed by throwing an oblong ball made of pigskin to a teammate. It was a most ripping victory.

(Yes, I'm paraphrasing Eddie Murphy from "Coming To America" How come he doesn't make movies like that anymore?)


Anonymous said...

Some observations:

1. (Re McCain's lawyer joke) Joe Lieberman is a lawyer.

2. Joe Lieberman applauded for making the Bush tax cuts permanent.

3. Joe Lieberman applauded McCain's boast that he helped put Alito and Roberts on the Supreme Court.

You might want to review your raw footage to see where else Joe's applause directly contradicted his supposed convictions. Isn't that a form of lying?

p.s. Keep up the good work.

CT Bob said...

Thanks BB.

Don't get me started on Lieberman. I'm too busy right now! LOL