Tuesday, February 05, 2008

I Voted Today!

Did you?

I know somebody who DIDN'T vote today:

Joe Lieberman!

Can you imagine a senator who won't even VOTE?

Quote via The Raw Story: "I won’t vote in the Democratic primary because I’m supporting John, but I can't vote in the Republican primary," Lieberman complained to Sasha Issenberg, a Boston Globe reporter, according to a Monday morning entry at the Political Intelligence blog.

The senator went on to describe himself as "blocked" and noted that he could not remember ever missing an opportunity to vote in an election."

He's "blocked" alright. After November, he's going to be completely irrelevant.

Enjoy your last little moment in the spotlight, Joe. The Democrats will never forgive you for your betrayal.

(UPDATE: well, they did, apparently...for now!)


Anonymous said...

Sí, se puede!

Kate said...

I sure did..:)

Anonymous said...

why the fuck do you care if he supports a republican? he is supporting who he thinks is best.

CT Bob said...

Because he's the guy who ran against Ned Lamont after he lost the primary by saying Ned would endanger a Democrat winning in 2008.

Turns out Joe is a treacherous liar who damaged our party and our nation with his actions.

That's why we care. And we'll remind people of his treachery every single day until he's out of the Senate.