Friday, February 08, 2008

So, where are we getting it from?

I'm just like you.

I'm always thrilled to get $600 unexpectedly.

Trust me, I'm not an idiot.

At least, I don't think I am. But I've been wrong about these things before.

This tax rebate, this "stimulus package", is going to reduce our federal gov't's bank balance by something like $170 BILLION.

Now correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't there a war still going on? Aren't we, as a nation, still incurring a debt of about $2.5 BILLION a frickin' WEEK to indulge in our failed experiment in nation building?

How can we possibly justify spending about a YEAR'S worth of Iraq war-foolery on a rebate, when nobody has figured out how we're going to pay for the nearly TRILLION dollars of additional debt we've incurred for this war?

Do we really have all the money we need to blow up an entire region AND give ourselves a nice little bonus, so we forget how badly our fucking leaders have totally failed us?

Somebody, please, do the math here. I can't be the only moron who adds up the numbers and figures we'll be paying for this also, as well as the Bush/Cheney debt, somewhere down the road.

Unless I'm missing something here, we'll only be adding to our nation's debt. And with it, we'll be increasing the amount of debt service (interest) that we're paying to maintain the debt. It's a huge chunk of our GNP that goes to pay the interest.

Somebody's making money off of us, and it ain't US!

I dunno, maybe I AM just an idiot.

Because any way I look at it, I can't make sense of it.

How about we stop with these stupid bribes and come up with some fiscal responsibility instead? Starting with getting the fuck out of Iraq and going from there. Because THAT would impress the voters.

At least, the ones who aren't idiots.

(PS - I'd love to have a $500 bill, just to freak out my friends at parties!)

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