Sunday, February 10, 2008

Maine Democratic Caucus Today

(It's a blue lobster, get it?)

There's no recent polling data available. The caucuses will run until about 5PM or so, then we'll get some results. 24 delegates are at stake today. So far, Connecticut is the only New England state that hasn't gone for Clinton. It'll be interesting to see if the Obama surge has an effect on the public caucuses.

Check back periodically for updates.


6:49PM: CNN calls it for Obama! 58%-41%, with over 70% reporting.

6:46PM - 70% reporting: Obama 58%, Clinton 41%

Obama puns from Maine:
"Ayuh. We. Can."
"Barack Lobster!"

5:53PM - 59% reporting: Obama 57%, Clinton 42%. Obama's going to take this one, too. The delegate split will probably be around 14-11 if these percentages hold.

(Caucusers in Maine, via "Turn Maine Blue")

5:34PM - 44% reporting: Obama 57%, Clinton 42%. Wow, I think I may have been wrong about this being a close contest. Obama's putting up numbers like yesterday.

5:10PM - I just learned that Maine is known as "The Pine Tree State". I didn't know that.

5:02PM - Early returns. 11% reporting: Obama 51%, Clinton 48%. It's still VERY early, lots can happen.

4:52PM - Turn Maine Blue has a good caucus thread going; thanks Kossacks! Early unofficial returns are showing a tighter race than any of yesterday's caucuses.


Plunderer said...

I have to say that i was completely surprised by this.

I thought Maine was a lock for Hillary (actually, I thought CT was too).

Just shows who has the momentum. If she loses VA and IL, I think she'll then also lose Texas and it will be over.

But, I don't want to get ahead of myself here ;)



Plunderer said...

Oops. I meant VA and MD.


CT Bob said...

I also thought it was a lock for Hill immediately after Super Tuesday. But yesterday's results seemed to ignite Obama's support "down east" in Maine.

This primary season is the most fun evah!