Friday, February 29, 2008

Why stoop to scare tactics?

There's no good reason for Hillary Clinton to use Republican scare tactics in her latest ad against Barack Obama. Believe me, we'll be seeing plenty of them from the Republicans this fall. How about we talk about the issues, and try not to appeal to everyone's worst fears?

Here's my special version of the ad. C'mon, you had to know I couldn't leave it alone!

(Apologies in advance to any Hillary fans out there)

UPDATE: Wow! Obama's people are right on top of this thing! (Via DailyKos)


Anonymous said...

Hey CtBob,

Between the Phonesex Bill is infamous for and the late night, hours long, chitchats Bill is known to have enjoyed with his good freind and political adviser Dick Morris I'll bet that whomever was making that phonecall to the Whitehouse would get a busy signal if the Clintons were back in residence.


CT Bob said...

I considered putting in a busy signal, but the answering machine seemed funnier. As if she's too deeply asleep to answer the phone.

Anyway, they're loving this vid over on FDL and Kos.