Thursday, February 14, 2008

Shays acting silly again

By CT Blogger via My Left Nutmeg:
Once again, Chris Shays embarrasses the state of Connecticut with one of the most embarrassing tirades to date. Our congressman from the fourth district took grandstanding to a whole new level with his browbeating of Roger Clemens trainer Brian McNamee during today's House Oversight and Government Reform Committee hearing on steriods in baseball.
Shays struck out swinging with his ridiculous tirade. His wild pitch embarrassed everyone in the 4th District. Help Jim Himes hit a grand slam by contributing to Jim's ActBlue fund.

If you do, I promise I'll stop with the stupid baseball references.


Connecticut Man1 said...

That endorsement is like gold. Not because they Mike and the Mad Dog are sports news commentators with huge numbers in this market but, simply, because they are not partisan political junkies.

CT Bob said...

Agree 100%.

Now we've got to get Jim Himes and Chris Russo together for a publicity event. Russo lives in the Westport area (I did a satellite TV installation at someone who works for the show) so he might be available for something like that.

Connecticut Man1 said...

ctblogger has more videos up from the show. I don't know if they are joking, but they both say Russo will be stumping for Himes. I have no doubts that you will hear more from them on their show. Especially if Shays manages to open his mouth on sports issues ever again!

PS: I hope you don't mind me trying to get people to shut ya up over at my Blog... It is for a good cause! :)

CT Bob said...

Heh prob!