Thursday, January 31, 2008

It's official: Amann for Governor

Tonight Jim Amann spoke to a packed City Hall, when he announced his run for governor in 2010. I shot a lot of video, but it'll be a day or two before I edit it down to an easy-to-digest length.

Of course, some anti-Amann protesters showed up to make their objections known. CT Keith, TrueBlueCT, JonK, and one or two others sponsored a hearse to show up and they held signs up as well.

There were some catcalls at the protesters, but for the most part it was a very civil event. Which was disappointing. If someone had acted up and got tazed, I was there with my camera. A good tazing video will get a million hits! Sadly, everyone behaved.

Star of the "I will crush them" video, CT Keith, holds up a new button which expresses his views of Amann's run.

Look at CT News Junkie and ConnecticutBlog later for more images/video.


Anonymous said...

We'll be visting the Speaker again in Hartford on Opening Day of the legislative session.

See you's guys there Jimmy.


Anonymous said...

Amann better become rabidly pro-gay marriage in a hurry if this governor's run is going to take shape. In a state like CT, you can't seek higher office as a Dem with every gay person in the state against you.

Unknown said...

Do you know who sets the primary rules, in terms of allowing an open or closed primary? Is it the legislature or the parties themselves?

Also, Jim Himes is coming on my show Sat Feb 9th, live and call-in. Your questions/comments are welcome.

Lisa Wexler