Sunday, January 13, 2008

Here's a great link for Primary Results

The New York Times has a really useful guide/scorecard for the 2008 primary delegate count. Visit the New York Times Election Guide 2008 for valuable information on the primary race.

The DNC has prohibited any states other than Iowa, New Hampshire, Nevada, and South Carolina from holding their primary or caucus before February 5th. So the Democratic contest will get no delegates from it. Quite a few candidates are honoring the DNC request to not campaign in Michigan, except for Hillary Clinton and Dennis Kucinich.

The RNC has docked Michigan half their delegates, similar to the punishment Wyoming received for moving their primary up. There are 60 Republican delegates up for grabs, instead of their original 120.

One thing is certain: we need to figure out a way to solve this "front-loading" of primaries, or we'll continue to have these kinds of problems. If they don't fix this, eventually we'll have some primaries/caucuses occurring in mid-to-late December, nearly a YEAR before the general election.

Here's one possible solution.

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Woo-hoo!!! the Giants beat Dallas!


vagabondblogger said...

I remember voting in the Ohio primary in June. This is insane. I would like to have the candidates come and kiss my ass too, just like they've done for voters in Iowa and New Hampshire! I feel slighted, and would be very eager to accept the regional solution. The only problem is (I was told by a more knowledgeable person) that we (CT) would still be ignored. I think if they did a regional thing, it would be nice to require them to visit / campaign in EVERY STATE in the region. This way, we all get our asses kissed! I think I need to have my ego massaged, but I'm certainly not going to cry over it.

Anonymous said...

I think one of the advantages to regional primaries is the ability for candidates to appear in each locale much easier than currently. A candidate can appear in three states in one day, as opposed to spending a month in Iowa, then jetting to New Hampshire for five days.

The more people get to actually see and hear their candidates (as opposed to the brief newsbites on TV) the better.

Sellitman (Kevin) said...

How about a national day to vote for your candidate. Like the GE? No convention, no delegates, no BS?



vagabondblogger said...

I would go along with that too. I just think the egos have taken over, and I personally do not like knowing who my candidate is in February or March. I just think this has gotten waaaay out of hand, and would like to see a fix.

I have no football preferences, but I would like to add (since this IS a political blog): GO OBAMA! (Yeah, I went from Edwards, to Dodd, to Obama - nothing to cry about people.)

CT Bob said...

I'm leaning slightly towards Obama myself, and sort of got there the same way as you did. I'm not overly thrilled with him, and in fact there's a lot of things about him I have problems with, but I knew we'd have to look at a compromise from a strictly progressive candidate unless there was some kind of miracle and the perfect candidate emerged.

Didn't happen, won't happen, so now I have to choose from the remaining "so-so" candidates, who actually have a chance of winning.

In a week or so I may actually officially endorse a candidate on this blog. And probably catch all sorts of hell for it, no matter WHO I select.

Sellitman (Kevin) said...

My heart was with Kucinich but about a month ago I realized that Edwards spoke my language as well. He was first on the scene with concrete plans for the budget, the Insurance fiasco and with climate change. Hillary lost me long long ago and Obama speaks of reaching out to the Right.

I don't want to reach out to them. They need crushing.

Just my .02