Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Blast from the past

I can't believe I'd never seen this video before. Bill Clinton made this near the end of his second term. A little slow at first, but then finds its footing and starts to look like some of the little videos that appear on Letterman or Leno. Good stuff.

Watch it, and afterward try to imagine how different George Bush's video will be in the final days of his "presidency".


Picky Eater said...

Ha! That was brilliant.

Riding the bicycle with the awesome bicycle bell was the perfect touch.

CT Bob said...

The bicycle scene was a bit eerie, like the little kid in "The Shining" riding his little trike through the empty halls of the Overlook Hotel!

I wonder who that aide was that helped Bill to get online, and if he's still working in politics? I couldn't see Bush having anyone like that in HIS administration.

Anonymous said...

I love that video. Brings back some great memories. Have a feeling the Bush final days video will just be hours and hours of a paper shredder! Too bad Blogger won't let me insert my little video within the comments.