Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Results of the Connecticut Bob poll!

Look out Doug Schwartz, there's a new pollster in town!

Here's the results of my completely unscientific pre-Iowa Caucus poll.

First, I asked "Which Democrat would you like to see win in Iowa?"

The data indicates a non-surprising trend of the more progressive candidates getting support from readers of this blog, with Chris Dodd, John Edwards, and Dennis Kucinich in a virtual tie with more conservative candidate Barack Obama. Hillary Clinton didn't score very well, but I'm sure nobody would be shocked by that considering this blog. Richardson and Biden are both in Clinton territory.

I feel that Hillary's "support" comes primarily from the mainstream media and corporate America, and that after Iowa and New Hampshire, she'll be scrambling for votes going into Super Tuesday. This ain't gonna be a slam dunk for HRC, that's for sure!

The question I asked about the opposition party was "Which Republican scares you the most?"

This question was deliberately left open to interpretation. Did I mean "which candidate would be the biggest threat to a Democrat winning," or "which candidate would make the worst president?"

Judging from the results, there's no doubt that Rudy Giuliani scores ridiculously high on the second count, while Mike Huckabee registers as a viable Republican threat to WIN the nomination, based on recent polling results. The other Republican candidates scored nominal support.

By late tomorrow night we'll probably have a pretty good idea what's shaping up in Iowa. Be sure to check out Fire Dog Lake's coverage of the Iowa Caucuses. Jane Hamsher is in Iowa and doing some top-notch reporting.

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