Wednesday, January 02, 2008

CGG's Farewell Party

Connecticut Local Politics front pager and longtime blogger Melissa Ryan (aka Caffeinated Geek Girl) is moving to Boston to take a position as the Internet Outreach Coordinator for ActBlue. So we had a little get together for her at Sullivan's Pub in New Haven, which was the unofficial blogger's HQ during the Lamont/Lieberman race last year.

Here's a few pictures, hot off the SD memory chip:

CTLP front pagers Melissa and Gabe Rosenberg.

Just the gals, L to R: Christine Stuart (CT News Junkie), Irish Patty, Melissa, Maura (HimesForCongress.Com), and Tessa (MLN diarist).

A motley collection of troublemakers, L to R: Spazeboy, CT Blogger, Tparty, Gabe, Melissa, Tessa, CT Bob, TrueBlueCT, Maura, CT News Junkie, Neal Fink, and Todd from MyDD. Click on the image to show full size.

Click HERE to see Christine's account of the party at CT News Junkie.

Fun time tonight; we all wish Melissa the very best, and we look forward to seeing her often down here in nearly all-blue Connecticut!


Anonymous said...

Tom Swan left on the early side and missed the photo-ops. Lurkers included CTJoyce and "Not that Mike Brown".

Not able to attend and sending apologies were saziz (MLN), Aldon Hymes (Orient Lodge and MLN), Kim Hymes (MLN and Lamont Scheduler), saramerica and many others with various legitimate excuses like kids, job overtime work, broken bones, and they are in Iowa, dudes!

Melissa said...

That's twice Swan has left before anyone could snap a picture of him! He's sneaky that way.

Thanks so much for the awesome pictures Bob. I promise not to steal them without proper credit (as I have done in the past, because I suck.)

Last night was an absolute blast.

CT Bob said...

Oh, don't worry about the pictures; you can steal them to your heart's content!

Yeah, it was cool that Tom was able to make it, but I forgot to get a picture of him before he took off.