Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Harry Reid and the Chamber of Wimpyness

The Senate will probably take up the FISA renewal discussion tomorrow, and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid is expected to rally 'round the Republicans to ensure passage of the extension with joyful news for the telecoms.

In the form of immunity.

Which means Reid will work to deprive the American people of their rights to pursue legal action against these billion-dollar corporations for their part in illegally wiretapping innocent civilians.

Whatever happened to those Democrats who weren't afraid to fight for what they know is right? When was our party hijacked by sniveling little cowards who suck up to the big, bad President?

There IS one man who is standing up for us. Support Chris Dodd ( and the Senate Democrats who aren't afraid of George Bush and those terrible awful yet powerful telecoms.

Or, you can be a wimp. Like Harry Reid.

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Comic by Tom Tomorrow. Visit This Modern World.


Anonymous said...

good comic. makes you wonder if dems are worthy of being president or having control of congress.

Sellitman (Kevin) said...

There is only one Party now. If we are expecting anything different the we better take the money out of the equation. Until then we get the politicians we deserve.