Saturday, January 19, 2008

Clinton, Romney projected winners in Nevada

Hillary Clinton is projected to win the Nevada caucus, with 50% of the vote to Barack Obama's 45% with 73% of the vote counted. John Edwards finished a disappointing third, with about 5%. Kucinich and Gravel are around 1%.

Mitt Romney trotted to an easy win, with about 55% of the Republican vote. McCain and Ron Paul both finish with about 12%.

These numbers will change slightly, but are expected to hold in terms of placement.


Anonymous said...

Here comes the DLC

CT Bob said...

Yeah, probably. Yeesh.

Connecticut Man1 said...

Want a surprise twist?

In Nevada, Obama might have won more delegates than Clinton... Not counting the wacky Super Delegates, of course.

CT Bob said...

True, and it IS strange.

Sort of like Al Gore winning the popular election in 2000, yet losing the electoral college.

Politics is fucking weird!